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The configuration is function of the water flow to be treated. Each treatment unit can treat up to 21.6 m3/hr (5700 US. Gal/hr). You install in parallel the number of tubes desired according to the total water flow from the irrigation water supply unit.

On the main line, always placed after the pump and fertigation systems.

High electromagnetic influence near the treatment units. Lack of grounding of metal parts connected to the treatment units.


Depending on soil and climate, it can reach 40% savings.
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Aqua-4D® enables irrigation with saline water without the accumulation of salts in the media. Furthermore, it eliminates biofilm and bacteria from the water networks.

In hydroponics systems it reduces the effect of increased salinity on the plants.

An increase in brix is observed in tomatoes and melons when using Aqua-4D®.

The Aqua-4D® system practically eliminates Apical Necrosis thanks to its improvement of the absorbtion of calcium ions by the plants.

On average, the ROI is between 3 and 24 months. The combination of increased yields, reduction of water consumption, higher quality of products and no maintenance costs makes Aqua-4D® a very profitable system.
View practical examples of ROI in our References.

Zoutgehalte (bodem en water)

Kan de zeewater behandelen?

No, Aqua-4D® cannot treat sea water.

This may depend on many parameters (type of crop, type and condition of the soil). In practice, the system was found effective at EC 11.
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The salts not absorbed by the plants trickle down in a dissolved form below the rhizosphere until they reach the first impermeable layer.

Aaltjes en gewasbeschermingsmiddelen

The Aqua-4D® system has a nematostatic effect. However, if introduced the first time without pre-disinfection, the system will have difficulties controling a major attack in the first season

By strengthening the root system, Aqua-4D® makes the plants more resistant to soil borne pests. Furthermore, as there is a decrease of nematode attacks on the root, fungi like Pythium will have less tendency to attack the plants.


If using an old irrigation piping system, once Aqua-4D® is installed, flushing at normal pressure should be done regularly (for the first few weeks) in order to help the biofilm and scale detachment from the walls of the pipes.

Yes, if the irrigation system is with low pressure (up to 10Bar), Aqua-4D® will clean foggers and prevent the clogging of foggers.